How to Add Tables in WordPress – 5 Best WordPress Table Plugins

Tables provide a great way to organize and present a huge data or information in a very comprehensive manner.  Whether presenting various types of information about one particular thing or comparing multiple things on various terms, a table is really useful to provide more information at a glance. So, adding tables in WordPress posts and pages may be an essential query for the WP site owners.

Well, there are multiple ways for creating responsive WordPress tables. However, it may be still a question for the WordPress beginners and layman users. So, I have tried to provide easy solutions for making tables in WordPress site in this article.

How to Create a Table in WordPress?

Given that WordPress hasn’t yet provided an in-built functionality for inserting a table on WP pages and posts, you have to either write HTML and CSS in the post editor or use a WordPress table plugin. If you have some coding knowledge, it may not be any hassle writing some HTML and CSS lines but it may be a hard task if you are a WP beginner or layman user.

So, I present you the best WordPress table plugins in this article. Keep reading.

In case you don’t want to install an extra plugin for tables, you can use the HTML code given below:




<th>Title Column2</th>

<th> Title Column2</th>




<td>Row1 Column 1</td>

<td> Row1 Column 1</td>



<td> Row2 Column 1</td>

<td> Row2 Column 2</td>



5 Best Responsive WordPress Table Plugins for 2017

WordPress has been the most popular CMS platform due to its user-centric approach, i.e. providing the simplest platform for creating professional websites. In addition to its simplistic interface, it offers thousands of ways or solutions to a particular task.

No wonder, there are numerous plugins which let you insert responsive tables in your WordPress posts and pages. And, consequently, users often get confused which plugin to use.

Therefore, I have carefully picked up and kept together top 5 WordPress table plugins here.

Let’s explore them:

1. TablePress (Free + Premium Extensions)


TablePress is free WordPress table plugin which enables you to create beautiful tables in your WP site. With more than 600,000 active installs and almost all 5-star ratings, TablePress is definitely a plugin worth having. And most noteworthy, it is the most popular free table plugin on official WordPress plugin repository.

The plugin provides a really simple and user-friendly interface to create feature-rich tables. You can make tables easily and instantly without touching a single piece of HTML/ CSS code.

After you install and activate the plugin, you can see a new menu ‘TablePress’ added in your WP dashboard admin panel. Click on it and go to the ‘Add New Table‘. Then, you will see a page like below:


Now, give a table name, table description and the number of rows and columns you want in the table. Then click on ‘Add table’ which will take you to table editing page like given below.


As shown in the image above (first section), you can now insert your table content in the spreadsheet-like interface.

Furthermore, Table Manipulation section allows you add rows and columns, hide/show table rows and columns, insert links and images, and further customize your table.

Below that, there is Table Options. You can define table head and foot row, alternative color, row hover highlighting, display/ hide table name and description etc. And the last section adds features like sorting, filtering, pagination etc. from additional JavaScript Library. Finally, click on ‘Save Changes’ and check for the shortcode on the top of the page, copy it paste it on the posts, pages or text widget.

That’s not all; it has import and export options, custom CSS option for design options. In the nutshell, it is a brilliant plugin for creating tables – free, simple and powerful.

Note: The plugin is completely free however there are some premium extensions for more advanced options.

Download TablePress FREE

2. wpDataTables (Premium)


wpDataTables is one of the best-selling WordPress table plugins at the plugin marketplace ‘CodeCanyon’. The plugin boasts of 12,000+ sales and an average 4.6 rating. It is indeed a powerful plugin for WordPress responsive tables and also a charts manager. You can easily and instantly build feature-rich tables and charts with this plugin and present your data in an impressive manner.

The plugin offers advanced features and functionalities so that you have a number of ways to present data and information. It features 35 dynamic chart types, multi-criteria live filtering, conditional formatting, etc. It is highly flexible and applicable in any industry including NGOs, education, stock investment, eCommerce, sports sites, etc. You can easily create very large tables with millions of rows.

As you purchase, install and activate this plugin, a new menu ‘wpDataTables’ will be added to your WordPress dashboard. Then, you can go to ‘Add New’ and start creating tables and charts.


Though the plugin is highly extensive and powerful, it provides a really simple and beginner-friendly user interface. You can simply add your table/ chart content in spreadsheet Excel-like interface. Once created and published tables can be edited anytime later in case it is required.

In addition, you can have amazing features like advanced filters and search, highlighting, table to charts, Excel and CSV files support etc. so that you can build stunning full-fledged tables and charts.

In conclusion, wpDataTables is a brilliant WP plugin ever built for creating tables and charts in WP sites.

View wpDataTables

3. Data Tables Generator (Free + Premium)


Data Tables Generator by Supsystic is yet another free WordPress plugin for creating responsive WordPress tables. The plugin comes in both free and premium versions. The free version of the plugin has an impressive overall star ratings and 20,000+ active installs.

The plugin offers a simple and intuitive platform for creating WordPress tables.

After activating the plugin, it adds a new menu ‘Tables by Supsystic’ in the WordPress dashboard panel. At first, it offers a plugin tutorial which includes a video tutorial, support options, and FAQs which is useful for beginners. The tutorial continues as you move forward while you can skip it anytime.

To create a new table, click on ‘Add new table‘. Then, you will see a model pop-up like given below.


Define table name, number of rows and number of columns. Then, click on ‘Create’. Then, it will take you to table editing page including settings and editor.


As shown in the image above, you can now insert you table content on the spreadsheet-like interface from the Editor. You can add/ remove rows/ columns, format the cells, fonts, add links and media, and more.

Furthermore, you can add header, caption, description, and data formats from the settings. And, save the table and get the shortcode which you can use anywhere you like.

Moreover, it has other options like import, export, diagrams and table history which are available only on premium version. The premium version of plugin can be purchased for $29 for one website.

In conclusion, it is a perfect premium WP table plugin at the reasonable price.

Download Data Tables Generator FREE     View Premium

4. League Table (Premium)


League Table is yet another powerful WordPress table plugin with extensive customization options and ultra-responsive design. Used by more than 1200 WP users and average 4.7-star rating, it is a great WordPress plugin for the WP beginners as well as webmasters. It presents an extremely easy to use and very comprehensive interface empowering the WP users with any level of technical knowledge.

Furthermore, the plugin lets you customize your WP tables extensively. It allows 105 options per table, 17 options per cell and 13 general potions so that you can create a variety of tables. Change colors, typography, size of various elements, add media and links to the cells, and present data beautifully.


The plugin has an embedded spreadsheet editor which allows you to easily insert data, edit, and publish. Furthermore, you can copy your data directly from Google sheet, MS Excel, OpenOffice, LibreOffice to the League Table editor and vice versa. This feature saves your time and also keeps you away from hassle.

Besides, it has import and export feature allow you to archive the collections of tables as XML files and use them for other multiple purposes. League Table is multisite ready, multilingual, lightweight and secure.

Last but not the least; it comes with dedicated expert support. You are sure to get instant support from the team of experts.

In the nutshell, this is a great choice for professionals and agencies with big projects and advanced WP sites.

View League Table

5. Visual Table Formatting (Free + Premium)


Visual Table Formatting is yet another simple and easy to use plugin for making WordPress tables. The plugin is available in both free and premium version; pro version with overall 4.8 star ratings. The plugin provides a straightforward solution to building tables in WordPress.

With Visual Table Formatting, you can directly add tables from the post editor. It keeps you away from coding and shortcodes.

As you install and activate the plugin, a new tool will be added to the post editor toolbar as shown in the image below.


Now click on the icon to insert new table to your post/ page. As you click, visual table formatting page will pop-up like given below.


Next, add your table content add/remove rows and columns, resize the cells, color the cells as you like. Once you are done with configuring, click on ‘Insert shortcode into Editor’ at the end. This way you can directly insert tables in your WordPress pages using Visual Table Formatting Plugin.

The premium version of plugin offers additional functionalities suitable for pro users. You can buy the pro version for $19 at the CodeCanyon plugin marketplace.

In conclusion, it is the perfect plugin for you if you have a fast-growing business. use free version in the beginning and upgrade to pro when you need more features.

Download Visual Table Formatting Lite FREE    View Premium

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